Chips Ahoy! Ghost Whey sold out direct but there are other ways to get it

chips ahoy ghost whey

Earlier today, Ghost’s highly anticipated, authentic collaboration with the cookie brand Chips Ahoy! became available to order just a week after being unveiled. The product is an awesome new flavor for the lifestyle brand’s protein Ghost Whey, which comes with actual Chips Ahoy! pieces in the powder.

The product did become available at midday Central Time through Ghost’s website; however, if you didn’t get in quick, you will have missed out. The brand did, in fact, sell out incredibly quickly, which is very impressive considering this isn’t a limited time flavor and intended to be a permanent Ghost Whey option.

Even though Ghost’s website has sold out of the Chips Ahoy! Ghost Whey, there are still a number of other ways you can get your hands on the product. The awesome collaboration is making its way into GNC retailers right now with the store’s website getting stock of the product sometime tomorrow.

Chips Ahoy! Ghost Whey will, of course, be coming back to the brand’s website with a small restock next week than a full restock one week later. You can also enter our giveaway closing this Sunday, where we have three tubs of the product up for grabs each coming with a Ghost shaker.