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Something new and innovative coming next week from Six-Pack Creamery

six pack creamery mystery innovation

Next week the healthy ice cream company Six Pack Creamery is making a rather significant announcement regarding an entirely new product. The brand won’t be sharing or unveiling any imagery for the innovation until it is announced, however, it has passed on a few vague and intriguing details.

Six Pack Creamery’s exciting new product is said to be more for the foodservice industry and is expected to be something quite creative. It will, of course, be something you can eat with no soy, gluten, or any artificial ingredients, and it will have a higher amount of protein than fat or sugar.

While Six Pack Creamery is keeping tight-lipped on this one, it has said enough to get our attention. The fact that it is expected to be creative and innovative certainly has us curious, so be sure to tune in next week to find out exactly what it is the protein ice cream company has up its sleeve.