Palm oil-free peanut butter coming soon from the growing Skinny Food Co.

Jul 17th, 2019
skinny food co peanut butter

In the coming months, the UK-based functional food company Skinny Food Co. will be adding peanut butter to its growing lineup of products. The upcoming item will be a nice change of pace for the brand, as over the past few months we’ve only seen new flavors for current products from Skinny Food.

The new Skinny Food Co. peanut butter will feature as clean a formula as you can get when it comes to peanut butter made with 100% peanuts. The product is also low in sugar, does not contain any palm oil, and has 99 calories per serving with the usual peanut butter variants to choose from in Smooth and Crunchy.

As mentioned, the Skinny Food Co. plans on dropping its palm oil-free peanut butter in the next few months, with its own online store expected to be the first place stocking the product. Fans of the healthy, guilt-free brand will be able to grab the nut butter in 400g jars much smaller, 15g sample size pots.