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Ghost unveils an authentic Sour Patch Kids flavor for its pre-workout

sour patch kids redberry ghost legend

The original lifestyle supplement company Ghost, has unveiled yet another authentic flavor collaboration that is similar to one of its 2019 releases. Now confirmed to be coming soon is a Sour Patch Kids Redberry flavor for the brand’s pre-workout Ghost Legend, which does already have five other collabs on its menu.

This is Ghost’s second authentic Sour Patch Kids flavor collaboration, with its first one coming last year in September for its BCAA powered product, Ghost BCAA. The Sour Patch Kids Redberry Ghost Legend will, of course, be a different experience than the BCAA flavor as that one is a watermelon themed Sour Patch creation.

Since the start of the year, Ghost has been delivering non-stop hype and excitement, with the latest product maintaining its status as one of the hottest brands right now.