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Steel ends its relationship with Jeremy Buendia due to recent allegations

steel supplements jeremy buendia

Back in June, Mr. Olympia Physique champion Jeremy Buendia announced a partnership with the popular brand Steel Supplements. Six weeks later, the founder and CEO of Steel Jason Huh, has shared an announcement that sees its relationship with Buendia come to an end.

“As an organization STEEL Supplements Inc treats allegations of violence of any kind with all due and necessary seriousness. Conduct inconsistent with STEEL policies and standards of behavior are treated with the utmost earnestness and gravity that such allegations demand.”

“As such, upon careful review of the recent allegations and circumstances, STEEL will sever its relationship with Mr. Jeremy Buendia. At such time as further information becomes available through appropriate legal sources, STEEL will take all appropriate actions.”

Jason Huh finishes by saying, “STEEL is committed to positively contributing to humanity and the fitness community on a mental, physical, and emotional level.”

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