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Alpha Lion gets ready to take on the joint support category with Cyborg

alpha lion cyborg

On Monday of next week, Alpha Lion is going to be getting into an all-new category of supplements with the joint support formula Cyborg. Like a number of the brand’s other products, Cyborg is a maximum dosed supplement to provide comprehensive support for overall joint health.

Alpha Lion Cyborg is designed to help with cartilage regeneration and joint inflammation, as well as improve joint discomfort and mobility. The brand has packed its joint support competitor with UC-II collagen, CurcuWIN, and the common joint ingredients, MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

alpha lion cyborg

Also in the mix with Alpha Lion’s upcoming Cyborg is BioPerine branded black pepper, which has been thrown in to enhance the absorption of the entire formula. Alpha Lion has kept everything open and transparent for Cyborg as well, and lists the exact doses of each ingredient on its label.

As mentioned earlier, Alpha Lion plans on launching Cyborg in less than one week from now on Monday the 26th of this month. The product will be available first directly through the brand’s online store and pack the usual amount of servings per bottle with 30.