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Optimum releases a 16 can case of its AmiNO Energy beverage at Costco

amino energy beverage at costco

Optimum Nutrition’s on-the-go beverage version of AmiNO Energy plus Electrolytes, is now available from the bulk retailer Costco. Just like the original powder, the drink features amino acids at a combined dose of 5g per can, plus caffeine for energy as well as electrolytes for improved hydration.

Like with a lot of other supplements at Costco, the retailer has launched Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy plus Electrolytes beverage in a special size. Fans of the brand can grab the product from Costco in cases of 16, as opposed to the usual 12, and at the very competitive price of $24.79.

The one other detail worth mentioning about Costco’s AmiNO Energy plus Electrolytes drink is that it has just the one flavor to choose from. Unlike many other stores and stockists who have as many as six options, the cost-effective case at Costco is only available in a Grape flavor.