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Big Flex teases a flavored essential amino acid supplement

big flex eaa

The brand Big Flex out of India, has dropped a teaser for an upcoming supplement that will see it jump one of the industry’s current trends. Based on what we can see in the brand’s mysterious image, the new Big Flex product appears to be an essential amino acid formula named EAA.

All we can really tell about the upcoming Big Flex supplement is that it’s going to contain an unknown dose of EAAs. If it’s like most other aminos that have hit the market recently, the product will feature a full blend of all nine essential amino acids, including the three all-important BCAAs.

The one other piece of information we have for Big Flex EAA is that it’s going to be a flavored formula coming in at least one option with Watermelon. More details for the supplement are expected to be along soon as well as the availability of the product.

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