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Black Market previews AdreNOlyn Nootropic and most of its formula

adrenolyn nootropic

Black Market recently teased the coming of yet another pre-workout bearing its iconic product name, AdreNOlyn. Based on what we could see in the teaser, we suspected the supplement to be named AdreNOlyn Nootropic and featuring a more focus enhancing pre-workout formula.

We can now confirm that AdreNOlyn Nootropic is indeed the next new product coming soon from Black Market. It will come with a handful of ingredients to deliver better focus; however, that is not all it’s designed to do. The pre-workout also aims to help increase energy as well as provide better muscle pumps.

While we have yet to get a full look at the label behind Black Market’s upcoming AdreNOlyn Nootropic, we do know what most of its main ingredients are. The underground brand has also revealed the supplement will have 25 servings per tub, just like its DMHA AdreNOlyn, and have a rather hefty 19g serving size.

The ingredients we can confirm for Black Market’s all-new AdreNOlyn Nootropic includes dextrose, and the common pump enhancer citrulline. As suspected, the pre-workout does come with a bunch of focus ingredients as well in alpha-GPC, tyrosine, theanine, dendrobium, velvet bean, lion’s mane, and eria jarensis.

The only ingredients we don’t know about for AdreNOlyn Nootropic are whatever Black Market has thrown in to increase energy. In the brand’s white-label DMHA AdreNOlyn that was caffeine combined with theobromine, which could easily be the case again here for the focus specialized AdreNOlyn.