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Blackstone reveals the entire six-ingredient formula behind Hype Reloaded

hype reloaded

Blackstone Labs has finally revealed the full, stimulant-free formula behind its latest and greatest muscle pump enhancing pre-workout, Hype Reloaded. The upcoming supplement is said to be better than either of the hardcore brand’s current Hype products, Hype Extreme and the regular Hype.

The promising Hype Reloaded is powered by six active ingredients, combining to provide better pumps while you workout as well as enhance mental focus. Blackstone Labs has actually brought together a unique mix of features for Hype Reloaded, with a variety of ingredients we haven’t seen combined before.

To take care of pumps in Hype Reloaded, Blackstone Labs has packed the supplement with a solid 6g of citrulline malate, 2g of glycerol, and 100mg of norvaline. The other half of the upcoming hybrid pre-workout is made up of 150mg of horny goat weed, 100mg potassium chloride, and 300mg of the focus ingredient alpha-GPC.

Blackstone Labs has still yet to set a release date for Hype Reloaded, continuing with the timeframe that it is “coming soon”. When the pump and focus enhancing product does eventually become available, it’ll come in 25 serving tubs with at least one flavor to choose from in Black Lemonade.