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Bodylab launches smooth and creamy Almond and Cashew Butter

bodylab almond butter cashew butter

The Danish brand Bodylab has introduced two new nut butters this week, which is something it already had available with a 1kg tub of Peanut Butter. The latest releases from the brand are a bit different from its straightforward peanut butter, as they’re almond and cashew-based.

Bodylab’s all-new Almond Butter and Cashew Butter are made only with the type of nut in their titles. The Almond Butter is all almonds, and the Cashew Butter is all cashews. They have no added sugar or salt like other nut butters, and are both available in the one smooth and creamy consistency.

Like with all of Bodylab’s new products, the Almond Butter and Cashew Butter are now in stock and available for purchase first from its website. The brand has set the two nut butters at the same exact price of 149 DKK (22.37 USD) for a reasonably sizeable 1kg jar.