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Inspired shares a first look at its long-awaited stim-free pre FSU

inspired fsu

Inspired is one of the most reputable supplement companies on the market, delivering unique and quality products in a variety of categories. One of the areas the brand has done very well in is pre-workout, however since its inception, Inspired has not put together anything for the stimulant-free pre-workout market.

At the beginning of next month, Inspired is finally getting into the growing spin-off category with its long-awaited and highly anticipated FSU. For now, all we know is the supplement is designed to enhance mental focus, increase power, and like most other stimulant-free pre-workouts, enhance muscle pumps.

Like with most Inspired products, the formula behind FSU is expected to be extremely competitive and should be very interesting to see how it turns out. The flavors of the supplement are said to be just as good as the ingredients and doses; in fact, the CEO of Inspired Chris Waldrum, says they’re the best in the industry.

Inspired will start taking pre-orders for its promising FSU in about one month from now on Sunday the 1st of September. If you are a fan of the brand or appreciate quality pre-workouts, you’ll definitely want to get in early. Inspired tends to put together great deals for early believers, making it well worth pre-ordering.

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