Get a free sample pack of RAZE Energy with four of its top flavors

Aug 29th, 2019
free raze energy sample pack

If you’ve yet to try the performance beverage RAZE Energy with zero calories and 300mg of caffeine, the brand behind it has put together a way to get a free sample pack. The freebie comes with four cans of the great-tasting energy drink, each of which is a different flavor.

The sample pack comes with one can each of the Sour Gummy Worms RAZE Energy, the Starburst candy-like Galaxy Burst, Strawberry Colada, and one of our favorites, Phantom Freeze. As mentioned, the pack is completely free, you do, however have to pay for shipping.

To get in on the RAZE Energy deal, you’ll need to head to this link here. Through there you can read all you need to know about the product as well as checkout and pay for shipping on the sample pack.

When you try to checkout with the free set of RAZE Energy, you will also be presented with a bunch of upgrade options. For an extra $9.95 you can get one each of REPP Sports’ other four energy drink flavors. There are bulk options as well with the likes of 48 cans for $1.70 each.