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R1 Whey Blend hits the Vitamin Shoppe with an exclusive new flavor

fruity cereal r1 whey blend

Rule One Proteins is now available at the major supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe both online and in many of its physical stores. The retailer is carrying just one of the brand’s products at the moment with its blend protein powder R1 Whey Blend, with three flavors to choose from.

Two of the tastes Rule One fans will be familiar with, in Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Ice Cream, while the third is actually an entirely new option. The other flavor available for R1 Whey Blend at the Vitamin Shoppe is Fruity Cereal, and it is currently only available from the brand’s newest retail partner.

Rule One’s Fruity Cereal R1 Whey Blend will eventually come to other stores and stockists, but for now, it is exclusive to the Vitamin Shoppe. Through the retailer’s website, the all-new protein powder flavor will cost you $19.99 for a 2lb tub, which is $6 cheaper than Rule One’s online store.