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Fusion previews its upcoming sustained release protein ProZilla

fusion prozilla

The long-running supplement brand Fusion is getting into the competitive world of protein powder with an all-new product named ProZilla. The upcoming supplement will be a blend style protein formula featuring five different sources of protein for a sustained release effect.

Each serving of Fusion’s entry into the saturated protein category will provide a higher than usual 27g of protein with 2g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, and 140 calories. ProZilla will be hitting stores and stockists in a traditional 2lb tub size packing a total of 25 servings.

Not too surprising coming from Fusion, ProZilla will launch in a variety of flavors with four to choose from. The protein powder’s list of options will include common flavors like Chocolate and Vanilla as well as two cereal creations in Cinnamon Crunch and Fruit Wheels.