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Introducing Phil Heath’s all-new supplement brand Phil Heath Labs

phil heath labs

Over the years we’ve seen seven-time Mr. Olympia Champion Phil Heath work with and represent a variety of supplement companies. This year Heath has launched his own, entirely new brand that he is the founder and CEO of, and it actually bears his name with Phil Heath Labs.

The new brand just hit the market in the last few weeks with three different products, each one competing in a major supplement category. The Phil Heath Labs products are the fat burner Infernocore, the intra-workout IntraGuard, and the stimulant powered pre-workout Dream Killer.

phil heath labs intraguard

The ingredients and doses behind each of the Phil Heath Labs supplements are fairly straightforward. They are all transparently dosed and contain ingredients you’ll find in a lot of other fat burners, aminos, and pre-workouts. IntraGuard (label above) is probably the simplest of the lot with all nine EAAs plus Sustamine, Vaso6, and AstraGin.

You then have Phil Heath Labs Dream Killer (label below) pre-workout featuring seven ingredients for strength, performance, pumps, energy, and focus. It includes highlights such as a strong 5g of the tried and true creatine monohydrate. It also has light doses of citrulline malate at 3g per serving and caffeine at 150mg.

phil heath labs dream killer

The final Phil Heath Labs product is Infernocore (label below) which comes with quite the variety of ingredients. The fat burner promises to increase metabolism and overall fat loss as well as enhance energy, focus, and mood. The brand has included a handful of premium ingredients in this one with the likes of TeaCrine, Paradoxine, and GBBGo.

phil heath labs infernocore

Like most new brands these days, Phil Heath Labs has put together its own online store where you can purchase all of its supplements direct. They cost a little bit more than most of the products in their respective categories with Infernocore and Dream Killer priced at $49.99 each and IntraGuard being slightly cheaper at $44.99.