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Introducing SELFe and its extensive line of CBD infused products

selfe cbd

SELFe is a relatively new brand that launched near the end of last year and is taking on the ever-growing CBD market. SELFe has an extensive range of CBD products available for purchase including the usual tincture bottles as well as topical creams, edible gummies, and softgels.

When it comes to options for SELFe’s CBD dropper product, it has quite the selection to choose from with a variety of concentrations and flavors. The brand has tincture bottles with as much as 3.5g of CBD in total, and a growing selection of flavors with the likes of Pineapple, Cool Mint, and Cinnamon.

selfe cbd

All of SELFe’s CBD products are fully transparent and tested by a third party with the results fully available to see for yourself online. Similar to a few supplement companies out there, SELFe’s products have QR codes on the back that you can scan to see test results for their specific batch.

For a closer look and more information on all of SELFe’s products, head to its website at Through there you can, of course, purchase anything from the brand’s lineup. Basically if you’re on the lookout for a reliable CBD brand, be sure to checkout SELFe, which is also available from retailers.

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