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Jeff Long’s Like A Pro unveils its complete, all-in-one health supplement

like a pro supplements complete health

IFBB Pro Jeff Long’s growing, top quality supplement company Like A Pro, has unveiled its next entirely new product coming down the pipeline. Complete Health is the supplement due to be available soon from the brand, and as its name suggests, it will be an overall health formula.

Like A Pro Complete Health is a multi-purpose product, featuring a combination of ingredients that could replace a bunch of supplements you’d typically purchase separately. Complete Health also has a wide variety of ingredients to back up all of its claims with one of the biggest capsule serving sizes we’ve seen.

Transparent formula

Jeff Long’s Complete Health features a well thought out mix of ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed. The upcoming Like A Pro product comes with a selection of vitamins and minerals, pine bark, n-acetyl cysteine, a huge 3g dose of astragalus, and AstraGin to enhance absorption of everything.

like a pro supplements complete health

Like A Pro Complete Health also features a handful of premium, branded ingredients including MegaNatural BP grape seed, Rejuna, Bergamonte, and Kaneka ubiquinol. The brand has jammed all of the product’s well-dosed features into a massive 12 capsule serving size, with the usual 30 servings per bottle.


The entire combination of ingredients behind Jeff Long’s general health supplement aims to provide support for your immune system as well as multiple organ support including kidney, liver, and heart. As mentioned, it is true to its name, with a complete health formula that could replace a variety of products.

September launch

Jeff Long’s comprehensive, all-in-one health supplement is due to be available in a few weeks with a launch timeframe of mid next month. We’re not sure on Complete Health’s price; however, with all of the quality ingredients it has brought together, we don’t imagine it being cheap but very likely worth it.