MAN Sports is bringing back its previously top-rated fat burner Lean PhD

Aug 8th, 2019
man sports lean phd

If you’re a longtime fan of MAN Sports, you may remember the brand’s previously discontinued fat burner Lean PhD. The supplement was, in fact, quite unique as it combined weight loss with nootropic ingredients. It provided a strong focus effect alongside a bunch of handy and noticeable fat loss benefits.

MAN Sports has now announced it is looking to bring back its reputable Lean PhD fat burner later this year. Like the original, it will feature a solid combination of ingredients for a variety of effects. The upcoming product promises to provide long-lasting energy, cortisol and anti-bloat support, as well as enhanced mood.

Lean PhD was actually one of our top five weight loss supplements when it was available, so we certainly have high hopes for its return. As mentioned, MAN Sports plans on bringing the product back before the end of the year and is making the new Lean PhD sound even better than the original.