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MDRN Athlete confirms it’s working on a grass-fed whey protein powder

mdrn athlete grass fed whey protein

At the moment, MDRN Athlete has just the one competitor in the saturated protein powder category, which is a vegan-friendly formula. The supplement is made with a blend of three sources of protein in pea, brown rice, and quinoa. The brand doesn’t have a more traditional, whey powered product, although it looks like that is about to change.

MDRN Athlete has shared an image featuring samples of a new protein powder that is more on the traditional side and made with whey. Being the brand that it is, the supplement isn’t powered by regular whey; it’s grass-fed whey. The upcoming product is also going to be completely natural and have zero artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

As far as details go, that is all we can really tell from MDRN Athlete’s promising preview. The brand is however also showing off two samples of its grass-fed whey protein, which does suggest it is working on at least two flavors.