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Performax’s new VasoMax will feature the first fully stable alpha-GPC

vasomax alpha zone

Performax Labs recently announced it is gearing up to release an all-new version of its stimulant-free pump enhancing pre-workout VasoMax. The brand didn’t really confirm too much about the updated supplement, only saying that it will feature a new and improved formula.

A little more information on Performax Labs’ reformulated VasoMax has now been revealed with details on one of its star ingredients. The updated product is in fact going to be the first to use a new branded ingredient called AlphaZone, which is the world’s first fully stable alpha-GPC.

AlphaZone alpha-GPC is from the Australian company Pinnacle Ingredients, who is also responsible for the more stable GlycerPump glycerol. With AlphaZone, Pinnacle claims to have fixed the clumping issue commonly found with high doses of the cognitive enhancing alpha-GPC.

We suspect Performax Labs will be including a solid dose of AlphaZone alpha-GPC in its new VasoMax, although that is just one ingredient. VasoMax is a focus and pump enhancing pre-workout, so it is going to have many more ingredients on top of the first fully stable alpha-GPC.