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Sneak confirms Purple Storm as its next new permanent flavor

purple storm sneak

The sleek and stylish gaming company Sneak has just announced that another new flavor of its signature supplement is on the way. It was only last month fans of the brand were treated to another limited flavor of the Sneak energy and focus product with the mysteriously named “Unreleased”.

The next new flavor from Sneak is called Purple Storm, and unlike last month’s Unreleased, this one will be a permanent option. The brand has not provided any kind of description as to what the flavor actually tastes like, although based on the name, we suspect it’s some sort of grape recipe.

To add to the excitement of the Purple Storm Sneak announcement, the brand has also confirmed the product will be available very soon. Sneak plans on dropping its next new permanent flavor exactly two weeks from today on Tuesday the 3rd of September.

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