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Quamtrax drops three nut butters including a Maria Cookie peanut butter

quamtrax peanut and hazelnut cream

This week, the Spanish brand Quamtrax Nutrition has introduced three new nut butters or what it refers to as nut-based creams. Two of those three are hazelnut creams, while the third is a slightly larger jar of peanut cream. The products aren’t just straightforward nut butters, with all of them having their own unique flavor.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s hazelnut creams are both chocolate flavored with one coming in regular milk chocolate, and the other in white chocolate. As for the brand’s peanut cream, that one comes with a very different kind of taste twist being biscuit flavored. Quamtrax actually likens the flavor to a traditional Spanish Maria Cookie.

None of Quamtrax Nutrition’s new nut butters are made with added sugar, nor do they have any palm oil in them. They’re all now available to purchase in the brand’s local market with the hazelnut creams coming in 250g jars, while the peanut butter comes with 100g more, weighing in at 350g per jar.

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