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Real Good Foods no longer needs you to buy cases when shopping direct

real good foods no minimum

Up until this week, when buying any of Real Good Foods’ healthy and delicious food from its website, you had to purchase a fairly big amount. For example, the brand’s Chicken Poppers came in cases of eight boxes, and its great tasting Stuffed Chicken Breasts came in cases of six boxes.

Moving forward there are no longer cases when ordering any of the real food products through the Real Good Foods website. The creative, functional food company has dropped the case concept and now allows fans to place orders with as little as one box of something.

While the change to no minimum is great, if you do buy directly from Real Good Foods, you’ll want to make sure you grab a good amount. The company may not require bulk purchases anymore, but it does now have a reasonably high flat rate shipping fee of $25 when ordering $69.99 or less.

If your order with Real Good Foods does go over that $70 mark, you will get free two-day shipping. The brand’s big shift gives people the chance to try just one box of any product as opposed to a case. It also gives you the ability to mix and match, so you could grab one of each item if you choose.