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REPP asks fans to choose between four names for its Halloween RAZE

voodoo raze energy

After calling on the help of its fans for ideas on the name of its upcoming Halloween RAZE Energy flavor, REPP Sports has nailed it down to four possibilities. Keeping with the crowdsourcing theme of the limited-edition product the brand is now asking fans to vote on which of the four they like best.

The names fans and followers of REPP Sports and RAZE Energy have come up with are Nightmare, Vampire’s Blood, Witch’s Brew, and Voodoo. We like the sound of the single word suggestions in Nightmare and Voodoo, although, at the end of the day it is entirely up to the fans.

To have your say and submit your vote for the name you’d like to see on the upcoming Halloween-themed RAZE Energy, you need to head to Instagram. REPP Sports wants you to put your choice in its comment section or send it through via direct message.

Tomorrow the brand is going to take the two most popular suggestions and have a final showdown, where it will call on its fans for another vote. Following that, REPP Sports will continue its crowdsourcing process and get followers to decide the look of the product as well as its availability.