RAZE fans decide Voodoo will be the name of the limited Halloween flavor

Aug 28th, 2019
voodoo raze energy

After two days of voting via comments and direct messages on Instagram, REPP Sports has announced the name of its next limited edition RAZE Energy. Out of Witch’s Brew, Voodoo, Vampire’s Blood, and Nightmare, the brand has ended up going with the one we voted on in Voodoo RAZE Energy.

To be clear, while we do now know the name of REPP Sports’ upcoming energy drink flavor, we still have no idea on what it’s going to taste like. The brand has not mentioned anything about the taste of what is now known as the Voodoo RAZE Energy, only that it is some sort of Halloween-themed drink.

The next step in REPP Sports’ creative campaign to completely crowdsource its upcoming, limited edition energy drink, is to design the can. The brand will once again be calling on the help of its fans to decide what the Voodoo RAZE Energy is going to look like, which should be interesting.