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Wawan Protein puts together a series to compliment your entire workout

wawan nutrition big line

The Kuwaiti supplement brand Wawan Nutrition, has dropped an all-new family of powder products this week called the Big Line. The series is made up of three different supplements all featuring “Big” in their names with Big Power, Big Intra, and Big Recovery.

Wawan Nutrition’s Big Line is designed to be used in and around your workout, including before, during, and after training. The first product is Big Power, which is a pre-workout of sorts combining CreaPure branded creatine, beta-alanine for performance, maca, pure citrulline, DAA, arginine, and tribulus.

Up next is Wawan Nutrition’s intra-workout Big Intra featuring CreaPure creatine again plus glutamine, BCAAs, HMB, and electrolytes for hydration. The final Big Line supplement is Big Recovery for use after your workout and packing a solid dose of whey powered protein along with added glutamine and betaine.

All three of Wawan Nutrition’s Big Line products are now available for purchase from the Kuwaiti retailer Wawan Protein. They are priced around the same with Big Power at KWD19 (62.54 USD), Big Intra at KWD17.50 (57.61 USD), and Big Recovery at KWD19 (62.54 USD), each with two or three flavors available.