5%’s first limited release is an expensive White Cherry All Day You May

Aug 6th, 2019
white cherry all day you may

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has released its well-hyped and first-ever limited-edition supplement, and it is exactly what we suspected. The brand has introduced a special edition, White Cherry flavor of its amino formula All Day You May, which packs a whole bunch of ingredients including a heavy 6g of BCAAs.

The limited-edition White Cherry All Day You May sets itself apart from 5% Nutrition’s other amino options not only with its unique flavor, but also an alternative label. Instead of a black color scheme the product has a much brighter white theme, although it still features the legendary Rich Piana holding a classic 5% jug.

You can now pre-order 5% Nutrition’s first-ever limited-edition All Day You May directly from its website for shipping later this month. The supplement will cost you a lot more than a regular tub of All Day You May at $99.95. The brand is also throwing in a bunch of freebies with the product including a tee, shaker, and decal.