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Venom Pre-Workout from XXL Nutrition is now available in a can

xxl nutrition venom pre-workout drink

The European retailer and brand XXL Nutrition, has put together another version of its Venom Pre-Workout. Previously the product came in the usual powder form as well as a more compact and convenient shot. This week XXL has launched its pre-workout in another on-the-go spin-off with a carbonated beverage.

XXL Nutrition’s all-new Venom Pre-Workout Drink comes with the same main ingredients found in the original powder as well as the liquid shot. That list of ingredients includes taurine, beta-alanine,which is typically used for better performance, arginine, and an unknown amount of caffeine for increased energy.

As per usual, the place to go to get the latest launch from XXL Nutrition is, of course, its own online store that ships all over Europe. The brand has priced its Venom Pre-Workout Drink at €1.99 (2.22 USD) per can or a slightly more cost-effective €44.95 (50.12 USD) for a case of 24, with just the one Berry flavor available.