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Alpha Designs appears to be stepping outside of the bottle market

alpha designs bag

Alpha Designs is the maker of our favorite shaker on the market ever since it was introduced, with the creatively-designed and well-made Alpha Bottle. The UK-based brand does also make an equally stylish jug named the Alpha Bottle XL as well as snack-size storage containers called Alpha Pods.

It now appears that Alpha Designs is stepping outside of its usual categories and into the fashion side of things. The brand has dropped a teaser image of a zipper customized with its logo. From what we can make out, that zipper is attached to some kind of bag, suggesting that is the brand’s next direction.

While we are only guessing at this point, if Alpha Designs is getting into the accessory side of things, we’re incredibly excited to see what it’s come up with. The brand has proven it can do things differently and deliver great products, so we have to imagine that will remain the case with its next move.

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