Optimum combines its original AmiNO Energy with UC-II Collagen

Sep 9th, 2019
amino energy plus collagen

An all-new AmiNO Energy supplement is on the way from Optimum Nutrition, and it’s very different from anything else on the market. The upcoming product is AmiNO Energy plus Collagen, which is the combination of the original AmiNO Energy formula and as per its title, collagen.

Optimum Nutrition has dosed all of the ingredients from the regular version exactly the same in AmiNO Energy plus Collagen. You get a 5g, non-transparent blend of amino acids, including the likes of BCAAs and beta-alanine, as well as caffeine, green tea, and green coffee for energy and focus.

amino energy plus collagen

As for the collagen Optimum Nutrition has included in its latest AmiNO Energy spin-off, there is 40mg of UC-II chicken cartilage. That provides a total of 10mg of undenatured type II collagen for added joint support. The brand has also included vitamin C at a dose of 90mg to support collagen synthesis.

We’re not quite sure when Optimum Nutrition plans on launching AmiNO Energy plus Collagen just yet, only that it is coming soon. Fans of the brand will eventually be able to get the supplement in 30 serving tubs with four flavors in Grapefruit, Fruit Fiesta, Mango Lemonade, and Grape Remix.