Digestive formula and multi-vitamin added to Big Zone’s growing lineup

Sep 16th, 2019
big zone vita-min inject

The hardcore German supplement company Big Zone has added two essential style products to its family this month with Enzyme+ and Vita-Min Inject. The prices on the supplements are about the same with the former priced at €19.90 (22.04 USD) for an entire bottle and the latter at €24.90 (27.58 USD).

As for what the new Big Zone products actually are, they’re both fairly self-explanatory. The brand’s new Enzyme+ is formulated for digestion and features ginger, chromium, and digestive enzymes. As for Vita-Min Inject, it is a simple vitamin and mineral supplement to support hard training individuals.

Fans of Big Zone and its growing line of products can find both Enzyme+ and Vita-Min Inject for the prices mentioned earlier over at Gigas Nutrition.