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Black Market reveals the focus filled formula behind AdreNOlyn Nootropic

black market adrenolyn nootropic

The original underground supplement company Black Market has completely unveiled the formula behind its exciting new AdreNOlyn pre-workout, AdreNOlyn Nootropic. The product is a follow-up to the return of AdreNOlyn from earlier this year, where the brand released a limited, white-label version powered by DMHA.

While Black Market’s latest pre-workout does promote a range of benefits, most of its ingredients are there to ensure it delivers on its name, and improve mental focus. Some of the other effects AdreNOlyn Nootropic has been formulated for include increased energy, better performance, and enhanced pumps.

You can see the full list of ingredients in Black Maket’s AdreNOlyn Nootropic in its facts panel below, and like the white label AdreNOlyn, it is fully transparent.

black market adrenolyn nootropic

On the energy and focus side, Black Market has thrown in the likes of eria jarensis, a solid 300mg of caffeine, alpha-GPC, and an ingredient we don’t see all that often anymore in dendrobium. AdreNOlyn Nootropic also comes with beta-alanine at 3.5g and 50mg of AstraGin for improved absorption, as well as 3g of pure citrulline for pumps.

Black Market plans on making its newest AdreNOlyn pre-workout available for purchase very soon through its online store as well as its many retail partners. Fans will be able to pick it up in 25 serving tubs with two creative flavors in Passion Orange Guava and Candy Dust.