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Celsius samples its all-new BCAA infused energy drink at the Olympia

celsius bcaa energy drink

The beverage brand Celsius is one of the few companies that’s brought something new to the Mr. Olympia Expo this year with its Carbonated BCAA + Energy. Exactly as its name suggests, the newest product from Celsius brings together BCAAs and energy ingredients into an on-the-go carbonated beverage.

Each can of the new Celsius BCAA + Energy drink packs 2.5g of vegan-friendly BCAAs alongside 100mg of caffeine for increased energy and 250mg of tart cherry for recovery. The brand has jammed all of those ingredients into a traditional 355ml can size with just a gram of carbohydrates and 15 calories per can.

Celsius does have its Carbonated BCAA + Energy beverage available to sample at the Mr. Olympia Expo this weekend in all three of its flavors with Tart Cherry Lime, Tropical Twist, and Blood Orange. The Tropical Twist is our favorite of the three with a sweet mix of fruity flavors that’s very easy to enjoy.