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Chemix previews and confirms six ingredients for its upcoming nootropic

chemix nootropic

The Guerrilla Chemist’s brand Chemix has revealed it’s working on a nootropic type supplement as well as confirmed a handful of the ingredients that’ll be in it. The brand has not made any mention of when the product will be available, although based on how finalized the formula is, we can’t imagine it being too far away.

By the looks of things, the upcoming Chemix Nootropic will have a total of 11 different ingredients, just over half of which have been revealed. The ingredients the brand has shared for its promising focus supplement include a gram of Kanna sceletium tortuosum, 125mg of n,n-dimethyl phenethylamine, and an unknown amount of CDP-choline.

The other ingredients confirmed for Chemix Nootropic are 300mcg of huperzine A, 150mg of hordenine, and something you don’t see that often in focus products with MCT powder. We’re excited to find out what else Guerrilla Chemist has thrown into this one, as well as give it a try to see how it compares with the growing nootropic competition.