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Massive Joes now stocking a smaller 30 scoop size of Core ABC

core abc 30 servings

The major Australian supplement retailer Massive Joes has released an all-new size of Core Nutritionals’ reputable amino product Core ABC. Previously you could only get the supplement in a large 100 scoop or 50 full serving size, with Massive Joes’ newest option being significantly smaller.

The popular Australian store’s new offering is a 30 scoop size of Core ABC featuring the same formula as the original. Each scoop packs 5g of BCAAs and 1.25g each of glutamine, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate. It also comes in fewer flavors than the 100 scoop with just three to choose from.

The options making up the 30 scoop Core ABC’s menu are White Pineapple Strawberry, Australian Gummy Snakes, and Australian Orange Sherbet. The smaller size from Massive Joes is not as cost-effective as the original at $49.95 (34.31 AUD) compared to the 100 scoop at $109.95.