Crossfuel combines superfoods and MCTs in its all-new Keto Greens

Sep 3rd, 2019
crossfuel keto greens

We recently posted about the Canadian based Crossfuel’s all-new spin-off Keto Plant Protein, which as it turns out, isn’t the brand’s only new supplement now hitting shelves. Crossfuel has introduced a second green-themed and keto-friendly product alongside it with the hybrid superfood formula Keto Greens.

On the superfood side, Crossfuel has packed Keto Greens with a 2.55g of fruits and greens. Each of the supplement’s 15 superfood ingredients is also completely transparent, with their exact doses listed on the label. For example, included in that 2.55g blend is 150mg of wheatgrass, half a gram of flaxseed, and 100mg of alfalfa.

On top of the fruits and greens in Keto Greens, there is a solid source of clean fats as well as a bit of protein and fiber. The fat is a blend of 4g of coconut creamer and MCT oil, 2g of oat fiber, and a gram of pea protein. Everything combined together gives the product a profile with 3g of fat, 2g of protein, 4g of carbs, and 53 calories.

Crossfuel’s second new supplement in the past couple of weeks is now available from stores and stockists in Canada in the 60 serving tub size and just the one Vanilla flavor.