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Chocolate Caramel confirmed as Dymatize’s 25th anniversary ISO100

dymatize chocolate caramel iso100

Dymatize’s all-new flavor of its popular isolate protein powder ISO100 to celebrate its 25th anniversary, has been unveiled. The brand launched a guessing competition earlier this month where it confirmed the flavor would be either Vanilla Frappe, Hawaiian Cheesecake, or Chocolate Caramel.

Being fans of chocolate-flavored protein powders, we were hoping for the Chocolate Caramel. As mentioned, the product has now been revealed, and it turns we’re getting what we wanted with a Chocolate Caramel ISO100. It has been put together in two sizes with a 22 serving and a much larger 70 serving.

Dyamtize’s 25th anniversary ISO100 flavor is due to be out and available in stores somewhere near the beginning of next month. Do keep in mind, the Chocolate Caramel ISO100 is a limited edition release, so it’s not going to be around for good.

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