Dymatize is moving all of its ISO100 Clear RTD flavors into a 16 oz size

Sep 26th, 2019
dymatize iso100 clear rtd

It was recently confirmed that Dymatize is coming out with a fruity new flavor for its ISO100 Clear RTD in Tangerine Peach. The flavor is bringing with it a few changes to the product including a bottle that’s 20% smaller than the original at 16 oz, and has less protein at 25g instead of 40g.

Dymatize has now revealed the smaller size of the upcoming Tangerine Peach ISO100 Clear RTD is, in fact, a replacement version. On top of introducing the new flavor, the brand is transitioning the product’s original Fruit Punch, Grape, and Blue Raspberry options to the smaller 16 oz size.

The new ISO100 Clear RTD is also going to feature a revamped label design including colorful graphics related to each individual flavor. Dymatize has said it will gradually transition the protein RTD to the 16 oz size, so you may see the original and replacement on shelves at the same time.

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