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Evogen announces three pump-focused spin-offs for the Olympia

evogen olympia supplements

Next week the major Mr. Olympia Expo is going down in Las Vegas, where a number of big-name supplement companies will be exhibiting. Evogen is going to be one of the brands showcasing its lineup to the many Olympia visitors; however, it is going to have a lot more on show than usual.

Evogen has announced that at next week’s supplement expo in Las Vegas, it will debut three entirely new products. All three of those items are actually going to be extensions of already available supplements, and they all appear to be focused on delivering better blood flow and muscle pumps.

Included on the list of new products from Evogen is a spin-off of its amino competitor Cell KEM called Amino KEM, that combines EAAs with the S7 pump blend. Next up is the EVP pre-workout spin-off and liquid formula EVP AQ, featuring GlycoSpan and S7 again, to increase nitric oxide.

The last supplement from Evogen is EVP Extreme NO which looks to be a pretty loaded pre-workout for energy, focus, intensity, and of course, improved pumps. The brand has also confirmed its second EVP spin-off will feature quality NO3-T nitrates, as seen in a number of top-rated pre-workouts.