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‘Merica Labz pre-workouts getting four creative new flavors in October

red white boom pre-workout

If you ever felt ‘Merica Labz could do with more flavors for its pre-workouts, Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N’ Pipes, you’re in for a treat next month. The brand has confirmed it will be almost doubling the size of the menus available for both of the pre-workouts from five to a total of nine different options.

Currently, the stimulant powered Red, White & Boom and stimulant-free Stars ‘N’ Pipes come in the same five flavors including creative recipes like Freedom and ‘Merican Made. The upcoming options keep with the brand’s unique naming theme in White Picket Fence, Cooperstown, 21 Fruit Salute, and Giggle Pouch.

‘Merica Labz is not revealing the descriptions of any of its new Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N’ Pipes flavors, leaving fans to wonder based on the titles. All of the products are going to be available in the second half of October, which is just over one month away.