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Introducing the promising GPOP popcorn packing 13g of protein per bag

gpop protein popcorn

GPOP is an all-new high protein snack that is due to launch in just over two weeks from now on Wednesday the 18th of this month. If you couldn’t guess it by the name, GPOP is a high protein popcorn, although it is very different from the other protein-infused popcorns on the market.

The upcoming GPOP promises a delicious gourmet taste but with a much better nutrition profile compared to its few competitors. The product will pack 13g of protein in each of its 57g bags, which is about 37% more protein than an equal amount of Icon Meals’ popular protein popcorn.

gpop protein popcorn

While we have yet to see the entire nutrition profile of the air-popped GPOP protein popcorn, the higher percentage of protein does sound promising. The exciting new protein snack is also not going to be short on flavors, with GPOP due to release with a total of four different options.

The flavors you’ll have to choose from when GPOP arrives later this month are Peanut Butter, B-Day Cake, Chocolate Lava, and Cinnamon Roll. Being chocolate fans, we’re looking forward to the Chocolate Lava, although they all look pretty good, each with their own individual flavored coating.

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