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GymBeam gives its energy-infused BCAA beverage a new look and name

gymbeam moxy bcaa drink

GymBeam is a major European retailer that services multiple countries and stocks a number of popular brands including the likes of Optimum Nutrition and Animal. Like other stores around the world however, GymBeam does have its own line of products that is actually impressively extensive.

One of the items in GymBeam’s family of supplements is an energy-infused, BCAA beverage. Previously it was called BCAA Energy, although this month the retailer has completely revamped the product. GymBeam’s on-the-go drink is now named Moxy BCAA+, and it features a much more simplistic, modern look.

While the branding and name have changed, everything else about the supplement store’s beverage has remained the same. Just like the original, Moxy BCAA+ comes in the one Lemon Lime flavor with 4g of BCAAs per can, 80mg of caffeine for energy, zero sugar, and no artificial colors.

GymBeam’s updated BCAA Energy now named Moxy BCAA+, is available for purchase from its website at the very competitive price of €0.79 (0.87 USD).