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Arginine and ZMA come together in Hardline’s latest supplement

hardline nutrition arginine fusion

Arginine Fusion is an all-new supplement from the team at Hardline Nutrition; a large and widely available brand in Turkey. Like a lot of the products in Hardline’s lineup, Arginine Fusion is a fairly simple supplement combining two commonly used features, one of which is in the name.

Hardline directs fans to use its latest release twice per day, once before their workout and then again before going to bed. As for the active ingredients packed into Arginine Fusion, it comes with its title feature in arginine dosed at 5.5g per serving, and a typical nighttime feature in ZMA.

Arginine Fusion’s simple mix of ingredients have all been packed into an orange-flavored powder. The product comes with a total of 50 servings, so an entire tub will last you 25 days when used as directed. Local fans of Hardline can pick up the new supplement from its website at 129 TL (22.69 USD).