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HPScience announces exciting changes to its GDA Glycoshield

hpscience glycoshield

The reputable weight loss specializing brand HPScience has announced some exciting changes to its flagship GDA supplement Glycoshield. The company is currently clearing out all remaining stock of the product not because it’s discontinued, but to make way for a new and improved version.

HPScience’s upcoming Glycoshield reformulation is going to have every ingredient from the original (label below). The dosing will be the same as well except for berberine, which is increasing from 190mg to 200mg. An all-new ingredient is also going to be added to the supplement, and while it has yet to be named, it promises to make Glycoshield more unique.

hpscience glycoshield

In addition to the formula tweaks, there are a few other small changes to the HPScience’s GDA. The brand is moving Glycoshield into vegan-friendly capsules to make it available to a broader audience. The product is also being downsized to 60 servings per bottle to keep it at an affordable price along with all of its upgrades.

HPScience is currently aiming to have its new and improved Glycoshield out and available in time for Black Friday which is the last Friday in November.