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Inspired is coming out with a new amino formula featuring all nine EAAs

inspired amino

The reputable brand Inspired Nutraceuticals has announced it is coming out with an all-new competitor for the amino market simply named Inspired Amino. It will replace the brand’s current offering in the category with Inspired BCAA, and is due to launch next month in an impressive variety of six flavors.

As for the formula behind the upcoming Inspired supplement, its main highlights have been confirmed. The biggest difference between the original Inspired BCAA and the new Inspired Amino, is that the latter is going to be an EAA product. It will feature all nine essential amino acids, instead of just the three BCAAs.

In total, Inspired Amino will have 8g of EAAs per serving, alongside a gram each of betaine and taurine, Aquamin electrolytes, and the absorption enhancer AstraGin. As mentioned, the supplement is due to available in about one month from now in 30 serving tubs, with its current launch set for sometime during October.

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