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Introducing the intriguing 13th Floor and its five upcoming supplements

13th floor supplements

13th Floor Sciences is an all-new and very intriguing company that is set to hit the supplement industry within the next month or so. It has a unqiuely marketed and branded line of products, with four supplements expected to be available at launch followed by a fifth shortly after.

Very little is known about 13th Floor and its five products, with just names, pictures, and categories to go off at the moment. The items making up the brand’s lineup are the pre-workout Legion, the fat burner Slayer, the testosterone booster Kaiju, and the nighttime concoction Sandman.

The fifth supplement is named Force Feed, which is due to arrive after 13th Floor’s initial launch of four and its a little more complex than any of the others. It is a multi-benefit product described as a natural, non-hormonal anabolic, muscle hardening formula.

As mentioned, 13th Floor plans on officially releasing its supplements within the next few weeks through its website Between now and then a lot more information will be shared on the brand as well as what kind of formulas we’re in for with 13th Floor.