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Newcomer Sweat Ethic promises 15 new products in the next 2 months

sweat ethic

Sweat Ethic is a relatively new supplement company that only just hit the market in the past month or so with a growing variety of products. Unlike a lot of other newcomers to the supplement industry, Sweat Ethic focuses heavily on building partnerships with physical, brick and mortar retailers.

Currently, the Sweat Ethic family of products is broken up into two lines with the White Label, and the more hardcore, sports nutrition based Sports Series. The White Label comes with supplements centered around weight loss and wellbeing, while the Sports Series consists of a muscle builder and testosterone booster.

While Sweat Ethic did only just hit the market and still has a relatively small lineup of products, it already has plans in motion to change all of that. The brand has said that within the next two months it will be expanding its range with another 15 new supplements, which is an impressive amount from a new company.

For more information on Sweat Ethic, you can check out its website, and be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for updates from the brand moving forward. It does sound like we’ll be seeing a lot of Sweat Ethic in the coming weeks, especially since 15 new products in two months is almost two releases every week.