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Limitless combines four mushroom extracts for its adaptogen formula

limitless nutrition shroom tonic

The up and coming Australian company Limitless Nutrition has passed on details of its latest new product that was first previewed back in July. That product is Shroom Tonic which is an adaptogen supplement featuring four different mushroom extracts, all included at the same dose.

Limitless Nutrition’s Shroom Tonic comes with 250mg each of reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and chaga mushroom extract, all packed into a two veggie capsule serving. The transparently dosed combination aims to help with stress, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, improve cognition, and more.

The all-new multi-benefit supplement from Limitless Nutrition is not yet available for purchase from its website, like its other items, but can be picked up from its retail partner Go-Vita in North Queensland.