Modern BCAA is back under the all-new brand Modern Sports Nutrition

Sep 13th, 2019
modern bcaa

Modern BCAA was a very popular and well-formulated amino supplement from USP Labs, which is a brand that is no longer in business. It turns out the well-known Modern BCAA has found itself a new home and is being relaunched under the all-new supplement company Modern Sports Nutrition.

Longtime fans of Modern BCAA from when it was available under USP Labs, will be happy to hear everything is exactly the same from the look to the formula. All of the ingredients, doses, flavors, and label design have been carried over from the original, including its hefty 15g of aminos per serving.

modern bcaa

Modern Sports Nutrition is at this Mr. Olympia Expo this weekend in Las Vegas, officially reintroducing Modern BCAA and letting everyone know it has found a new home. The supplement is available to sample at the event, although it is also worth noting that the brand isn’t stopping with Modern BCAA.

The returning amino product is just the beginning for Modern Sports Nutrition, as it already has plans to branch out into other categories shortly. Modern BCAA will be available for purchase soon from the brand’s upcoming website with as mentioned, a lot more excitement to follow.